K-INF for microgrids frequency regulation ensures better dynamic performance for large load variations, up to 50%.
Both regulation precision and compliance with grid codes are improved.

K-INF allows hybrid/multi-storage sources being coordinated such that each of them operates within its specialisation domain.


K-INF will constitute the basis for a broad range of effective PMSs for microgrids, such as islands, geographical regions, electrical vehicles, ships, etc. either connected to the main grid or autonomous.


November 2019

Successful presence at European Utility Week - EUW 2019, on Stand R50.I6 at Initiate! Hub

November 12-14, Paris


  • exhibition of K-INF technology

  • demonstration of K-INF power management system capabilities via our customized real-time hardware-in-the loop demonstrator

  • visits on our stand and networking

  • presence in “The New Energy System” pitch session on Wednesday November 13th 2019 at Theatre 1 / Initiate! Hub


December 2019

User-friendly K-INF design interface in MATLAB®/ Simulink® is fully operational


Application software used for designing
and off-line closed-loop testing the H-infinity controller which is the core of K-INF power management system. 

This interface contains a comprehensive mix of design and test functions and is intended to be used within an iterative design approach.

The user inputs the plant parameters and closed-loop desired behavior. Then the plant model, templates of sensitivity functions (TSF) and the controller itself are automatically computed.

The closed-loop behavior is verified  within a four-step procedure via frequency- and
time-domain simulations. If one of this steps yields non-satisfactory results, the design process is resumed from the beginning by altering the TSFs' initial parameters (desired performance).

January 2020

Tests of LiFePo batteries with K-INF PMS will be finished

Tests of LiFePo batteries working in the micro-grid frequency regulation use-case simulated environment, equipped of K-INF PMS, are in progress on the real-time demonstrator, in order to further build a sound comparison basis with state-of-the-art PMS performance.

Batteries have been solicited within accelerated operation cycles relevant to the frequency regulation use case in order to quantify fatigue effects on their state of health (SoH).




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