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Our aim

- to enable and promote the integration of  K-INF  algorithm as a  real-time PMS  solution into use cases of renewable-based microgrids with storage, including hybrid

- to extend K-INF application on  electric vehicle on-board power management  and reliability-aware control of classical power generation systems

Our offer K-INF

- proof of concept at  TRL4  (hardware-in-the loop simulations with real batteries)

- know-how  and  ready-to-use design tool (MIMO H-infinity controller for microgrid power management)

- the controller ensures seamless dynamic performance  due to advanced control design:

guaranteed respect of  grid codes  for more than 50% load variation

- is easily embeddable on a cheap, general-purpose micro-controller

- uses minimal number of sensors and induces minimal control efforts

- ensures  lifetime prolongation of storage systems  when hybridized

- current estimation of batteries life-time extension is  more than 50%  when hybridized by supercapacitors

Our action

- active research of (industrial and research) partners and consortia ensuring K-INF TRL advancement, allowing test of K-INF controller performance in real-life relevant/operational environment 

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