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September 2019

Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) prototyping test bench is fully operational

This test bench features an energy management system (EMS) connected in closed loop with the plant digital twin and is based on the hardware-in-the-loop concept.

The EMS is embedded in a Texas Instruments C2000 microcontroller. The plant consists in an AC microgrid supported by hybrid DC storage (battery and ultracapacitor). The plant digital twin is based upon a comprehensive numerical model and runs on a dSPACE

MicroAutoBox II platform in real time.

Beside the HIL computing hardware, this test bench has a power interface composed of a DC-DC synchronous buck converter, custom source/sink and current and voltage transducers.

In this real-time simulation setup, battery model is replaced by real batteries which work in interaction with the simulated environments (via the power interface) within a variety of controllable scenarios.


October 2019

Initial tests of LiFePo batteries with

state-of-the-art EMS

Tests of LiFePo batteries working in the micro-grid frequency regulation use-case simulated environment, equipped of state-of-the-art EMS, have been performed on the test bench, in order to further build a sound comparison basis with K-INF EMS performance.

Batteries have been solicited within accelerated operation cycles relevant to the frequency regulation use case in order to quantify fatigue effects on their state of health (SoH).


November 2019

Participation at European Utility Week event in Paris

This participation has three main purposes:

  • exhibition of K-INF technology,

  • demonstration of K-INF power management system capabilities via a customized real-time hardware-in-the loop demonstrator,

  • networking and creation of partnership.

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